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Statement of Commitment to Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Sustainability

DE PAOLI LUIGI E FIGLI SPA has built its success by focusing on the development of a product - butter - with a view to safety and high quality standards, through the best technologies on the market and through the development of new formats and packaging.

DE PAOLI LUIGI E FIGLI SPA since its inception has supported continuous investments on infrastructures and plants to reduce impacts on the environment and sostenibility. In particular, the management pursues a policy of investments to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in particular at the level of:

  • Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions
  • Production processes
  • Technological plants for the generation of heat, cold and compressed air
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Packaging

A photovoltaic system has recently been installed on the roof of the plant capable of producing 387 kVp of electricity, which will cover one-third of the daily needs and thus contribute to the significant reduction of greenhouse gases.

Bolzano Vicentino, February 15, 2024

The Chief Executive Officer Giuseppe De Paoli